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Donor Mechanism: Bachmann 44 tonner (SINGLE MOTOR ONLY) OR ALW Class B NWSL Stanton Drive Chassis

(Print time: 9 Hours)

ALW's Baldwin/Westinghouse Steeplecab is a fantastic example of the electric locomotives once seen on almost every interurban line, with some still going on the Iowa Traction. The shells are undecorated and include correct rivet detail, windows, diamond plate walkways, and panels/vents. The shell simply replaces the shell of a Bachmann 44 tonner. 


Full Detail Set Includes:

x1 Pantograph rack

x2 Trolley pole mounts

x4 Baldwin/Westinghouse sideframes

x1 replacement motor mount (always included) 

Baldwin/Westinghouse Class B Steeple-cab

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