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Future Products

A good portion of ALW's shell kits are requests. If you have an idea for a model that has not yet been produced, you can contact me through the contact form or through


All art and graphics designed by Grace Wigen

(my girlfriend)

About me

My name is Aaron Piotraschke, I'm an artist, a cad designer, and a young hobbyist with electrical and mechanical skills, passionate about model railroading and the wide range of fields it involves. I started Apogee Locomotive Works to address kit building, freelance railroading, and the general lack of small, unique models available. 

My mission is to grow ALW into a staple of the future of model railroading, specializing in my own shell kits and detail parts along with paints, electronics, and mechanical components. ALW will be a hub for the creativity and craftsmanship of model railroading!

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