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The kit includes:

1x ALW 78-Ton Steeplecab shell of choice

1x Cab roof (Standard or Transit)

4x ALW Class EC-1 Truck side frames

1x Sub-Frame for correct donor mechanism

1x Electrical Box fuel tank cover

1x Printed Instructions set

The ALW 78 tonner series was produced from 1925 to 1943 by the Apogee Locomotive Works as a versatile electric locomotive for Interurbans, mining companies, and electrified shortlines. The 78-ton series was available in a Boxcab design and a Steeplecab design. Units often were built with specifications provided by the road purchasing the locomotives, these alternate designs often included unique pilots, shorter 'Transit' cabs for underground & elevated rails, and even A/B sets.


The ALW 78 Tonner is the first ALW kit designed to fit multiple chassis with the use of sub-frames. 


ALW Freelance 78-Ton Steeplecab

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