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Fits NWSL Stanton Drive with 10'0" WB & 40" Drivers


These versatile little electric boxcabs are a larger, more capable, and more road-switcher-y version of ALW's 28-Ton units. Designed with the intention to be run in multi-unit sets, these well-detailed and well-engineered boxcabs are a perfect way to squeeze electric ops onto any model railroad! The Shell uses ALW's Kadee slot & pin lock system to make adding Kadee coupler boxes easy. The cab roof is removable and features a headlight on each end. A small plastic block is included to mount a Decoder Buddy for easy decoder swaps.


Kit Includes:

1x/2x ALW 80-Ton boxcab Shells

1x/2x 80-Ton cab roofs

4x/8x 78-Ton doors 

1x/2x Pantograph Mounts

2x/4x Air Tanks

1x/2x Decoder Buddy Adaptor

ALW 80-Ton Boxcab Shell Kit

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