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Mechanism: 2x NWSL Stanton Drives (6'6" WB 33" Drivers)


The Apogee Locomotive Works Class C-1 70-Ton Flat Motor is a lighter, cheaper version of the ALW 78-Ton Steeplecab & Boxcab locomotives. Often used in Interurban freight duties, switching, and MoW. Many ALW Class C-1s were extensively modified by the roads that used them. 


Kit Includes:

1x ALW C-1 Flat Motor Shell

1x ALW 78-Ton Cab Roof

1x ALW C-1 Stanton Drive Frame

4x ALW Sideframes

1x MK2 Pantograph Mount

2x Kadee Coupler Mounting Plugs

ALW 78-Ton Flat Motor

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