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Fits HO Scale NWSL Stanton Drive with 10' 0" Wheelbase & 40" Drivers.

This locomotive is a fully freelance boxcab, rooted in typical construction and design of early industrial switchers and interurban equipment. The interior detail is designed with reference photos of IATR 53, stored at the Boone & Scenic Valley RR. The exterior displays scale rivets correctly spaced and a round ALW badge on each side, suggesting the unit was built at an ALW facility sometime in the 1920s.


This ON30 version of the ALW Boxcab is 2 scale feet thinner to navigate across the lighter narrow gauge track. The frame is also lighter duty, hense the unit being a 25 ton aposed to the standard 28 ton


Basic Kit Includes:

x1 Cab Roof

x2 Sand Boxes

x1 Drive Mount


ALW 25 Ton Freelance Boxcab (ON30)

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