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Donor Mechanism: Bachmann 44-Tonner (SINGLE MOTOR ONLY) OR ALW Class B NWSL Stanton Drive Chassis

(Print time: 9 Hours)

ALW's 40-ton steeplecab shell is a great kit for a beginner traction modeler who doesn't want to wrestle with a daunting brass unit that doesn't run. The shell features correct rivet detail, 2  alternate versions with different pilots, and diamond plate walkways. The surface is ready for painting and the addition of separate details. Once the shell is complete, it will fit over a Bachmann 44 tonner chassis and run perfectly smooth!


Full Detail Set Includes:

1 Pantograph mount

2 Trolley pole mounts

1 Motor mount replacement

4 sideframes

2 micro coupler boxes (just in case) 



40-Ton GE Steeplecab

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