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Donor Mechanism: NWSL Stanton Drive with 6'6" Wheelbase & 33" Drivers

Quenching Locomotives are used at steel mills in the process of creating coke from coal dust. The locomotives often sported a tall profile and platforms to access the bench of the coke oven and quenching valves. Due to their specialized role, they were often light tonnage.  Many examples of quenching locomotives can be seen today. This shell demonstrates a possible example of a coke quenching locomotive based on the reliable and well detailed ALW 28-Ton frame. The unit accepts a single NWSL Stanton Drive which bolts into the frame.


Kit Includes:

1x Coke Quenching Loco Shell

1x Cab Roof

2x Cab Doors

2x Large Air Tanks

2x coupler pins.

Coke Quenching Locomotive

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